There are countless lists of things to do in Anaheim. Everyone has their top choices and they can be found all around the web. It’s true for every city in America, whether it’s visiting beaches, rivers, lakes, museums, amusement parks, baseball games, shopping malls or great restaurants. Firstly, you’ll require transportation and LAX to Disneyland car service probably is the best choice.

There are many lists of things to do in Anaheim. This post is not one of those lists. I think it is more helpful to supply readers with resources to discover attractions and things to do by them. There is plenty of information available for travelers. Just about all of it is available with a little help from the World Wide Web.

Most trips to Anaheim take place for one reason: the amusement parks. Disneyland and the others nearby offer a lot of fun that many families feel the urge to check off from their list. To describe all the Anaheim hotels in detail would take forever (and there are websites made already that would do it better anyway). I will give you some ideas to look out for, however, as you consider amongst your many, many options.

If the parks are indeed your priority, then you definitely want to think about the hotel’s ease of access to the parks. The hotels owned by Disney right on the park, are an obvious choice for convenience, although they can sometimes be pricey without a deal of package to help lighten the burden. If that won’t work (or you just don’t want to be right inside the park), then you will want to consider the transportation the hotel provides (or doesn’t) to the park. Some will advertise a short walk instead, and you will have to consider how easy it will be to transport your group in this way. LAX to Disneyland car service can be another option.

Also look out for any packages or deals the hotel offers. These hotels have a lot of competition, and they want to make all those nervous dads feel better about their expenses. Look for free or discounted food and extra amenities. The amusement park itself will likely be a similar price no matter which hotel you buy tickets at, but parks are expensive so try to save where you can elsewhere.

Some hotels are a little more family themed than other ones. The official Disney hotels even have character actors and fun-shaped pools. This is something to consider if you traveled a distance simply to visit Disneyland. Other hotels will be more family friendly than others, just like other places. These places see a lot of kids, though, so try to find one that caters to them well if you have children coming along.

Don’t forget the hotel and room amenities. The theme park is very stressful, and it may require some payment to have a relaxing place to return at the end of a busy day. Make sure that the home-away-from-home you return to is a place where you feel comfortable. Extras like Internet access and media players prove beneficial here (you’d think that a hotel seeing so many family vacationers might have a DVD player, but not all of them do!).

Disneyland isn’t the only destination–you will arrive at your hotel as well. If you can’t afford much, you might not get the best pick among the Anaheim hotels. Just make sure you look at reviews and find a comfortable, affordable place among them.

Museums are some of the best attractions to visit in any city. If you visit a new city you should be sure to check out the local museum since you will be able to see art that you will probably never see again. Anaheim is no exception. It is home to the Anaheim Museum which is a must-see attraction.

The Anaheim Museum was incorporated back in 1982 because of the effort of local citizens. It is home to many pieces of art housed in a permanent exhibit and it is often home to temporary and traveling exhibits. In the Anaheim Heritage exhibit you get a chance to learn about the rich and diverse history of Anaheim. It traces the history of this great city from its inception to the current time. An example of one of the past exhibits is “The Human Form: The Figure Bathed in Light”. In this past exhibit visitors were treated to drawings, paintings and sketches that capture the human form. It was an interesting and popular exhibit. As you can see, the Anaheim Museum is one that has much to offer. Because of this any art lover should add it to their must see list.

Traveling from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to Disneyland implies traveling from on the list of busiest airports in the environment into the most enjoyment place in the planet, and what can be a greater approach to commute than employing a LAX to Disneyland car service for transportation from LAX to Disneyland.

There are many transport facilities and businesses that offer transport from LAX to Anaheim Disneyland, which is really an explanation to be pleased together with unfortunate: content since you have many options, and sad because you have lots of selections to baffle you, also to make your determination additional and even more displeasing.