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Let’s be honest – car services have a reputation for being expensive. You might think that it sounds great to take a car service – but you may decide that you can’t afford it without even looking into the costs and how they compare to other options. With a closer examination, we think you’ll find that while car services aren’t the cheapest transportation available, they are affordable for many trips and offer benefits that just can’t be ignored.

Seeing the Big Picture

We can’t argue with the notion that a car service is not the least expensive way to get around in the Los Angeles area. If the only thing you are concerned with is keeping the cost as low as possible, you’ll probably find yourself riding on a bus. And, while the bus system certainly serves an important function, it’s not necessarily a comfortable or convenient way to get where you need to go.

So, in addition to the monetary cost of your chosen method of transportation for a Southern California vacation, you should factor in these other points –

  • Time. What is your time worth while on a trip with family or friends? A car service is going to be extremely convenient and allow you to waste as little time as possible on your trip.
  • Comfort. Simply put, it’s hard to beat a professional car service for a comfortable ride. If you want to travel in style and enjoy every minute, go with a car service and don’t think twice.
  • Flexibility. You are in control when you hire a car, meaning you can make adjustments to your itinerary, decide on different places to stop, and more.

Planning your transportation is about more than just optimizing for the lowest price. Yes, price needs to be a factor, but there are other points to keep in mind to make sure you get the right value for the money you do spend to get around the city and beyond.

A Predictable Cost

There is one other important point on transportation costs that needs to be highlighted. When you book a car service, you are going to know what it will cost to use that service while on your trip. There are no surprises. That stands in contrast to something like a rideshare service, where the price will spike along with demand at given times. So, if you are going to some kind of big event like a concert or game, you can be sure that the rideshare prices will be sky high going to and from such places. With a private car service booked ahead of time instead, you avoid those price spikes and pay what you expected all along.

Get a Quote Today

It doesn’t make sense to decide that you can’t afford something before you even know how much that thing costs. Such is the case with a car service, so we encourage you to reach out today to find out how much it would cost to have Anaheim Town Car Services manage your transportation needs on an upcoming trip to Southern California. Thank you for stopping by!

The Los Angeles International Airport – commonly referred to as LAX – is the largest airport in Southern California. While it’s not the closest commercial airport to Disneyland, it is one that countless visitors will use each year. Once you are safely on the ground at LAX, you’ll have a trip of more than 30 miles to take before you arrive at the park. How are you going to cover that distance? There are a few options, and we’ll look at them below.

Common Choices for Disneyland Visitors

When travelers land at LAX with the intention of getting across the city to reach Disneyland, there are a few commonly used transportation options that they typically have in mind.

  • Rideshare. These days, rideshare services are a popular option, and there are plenty of them available in Los Angeles at most times of the day. While this can work for your needs, you might have to wait quite a while to get a ride, and depending on demand, the cost can be significant.
  • Use the Metro system. The most affordable way to get to Disneyland from LAX is to use the Metro system to take buses and rail lines over to Anaheim. While this option will only come with a modest cost, it can take quite a long time to make the journey, and those from out of town may be a little bit confused as to how to use the system and which routes they need to take.
  • Shuttle services. There are also some shuttle options that will take you from the airport to Disney. On the positive side, you can book your shuttle ride before you get to L.A., so you won’t be left to scramble for a ride like with a rideshare service. However, you’ll often be traveling with others, and the cost could be significant.

What About Car Services?

The list above skips over the option to take a private car service directly to Disneyland from the airport, and that’s the option you should give careful consideration. With a cost that is surprisingly affordable given the level of service you receive, car services are an excellent option to get you and your family safely to the park after your flight has arrived. Also, you can customize the service to fit your needs, meaning you can add in stops along the way or manage other details to make sure everything is just right. Once you have tried a car service for your trip to Disneyland, you’ll never want to travel any other way.

Anaheim Town Car Services is the Right Choice

While there are plenty of options to get across Los Angeles and reach Disneyland for your vacation, none offer the list of benefits found with a car service. Book your ride with Anaheim Town Car Services today and we’ll be waiting for you at LAX when you arrive. In business since 2002, you can be sure we know this area intimately and we’ll get you anywhere you need to go. We hope to serve you soon!