When you think of a Disneyland vacation, you think about all of the fun you are going to have with your family and friends once you arrive at the park. That’s the whole point of the trip, of course, so it makes sense to focus on the parts that are going to create memories to last a lifetime.

That’s great, but it’s important to remember that there are some logistics to work out along the way, as well. For many people, the worst part of this type of trip is finding a way to get to the park in a safe, comfortable, and timely manner. Fortunately, that’s a hurdle that can easily be cleared when you work with Anaheim Town Car Services. Book your ride today!

A Messy Experience

For a moment, let’s imagine that you decide to head off for your Disneyland vacation without a plan in place for how you are going to get to the park from the airport. On the day of your trip, you land at Los Angeles International Airport, retrieve your bags, and then try to figure out what should come next.

To be sure, you will have plenty of options – but all of those options are going to come with some potential complicating factors. For one thing, you could request a ride on a shuttle that runs back and forth from the airport to Disneyland. This option can get you to the park, but you might have to wait a while to get a spot on one of the shuttles since they don’t track flights, and there is also the uncertainty of their child car seats, as well.

Alternatively, you could use the Metro system that serves the Los Angeles area. You’ll need to use an airport shuttle to get to the proper station to get on a bus or rail car, and then you can make your way across Southern California and over to Anaheim. This is an affordable solution, but it’s full of potential headaches and the whole experience could be rather lengthy. After a long day of air travel from your home, you’d probably like to finish this last leg of the journey as soon as possible.

For one other possibility, you might think about calling for a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber. This is a viable choice, but again, there are some issues to think about here. Depending on when you arrive, the ride across town might be quite a bit more expensive than you were expecting. And, if it’s a busy time, you might wind up waiting quite a while to get a car. Many cars that offer rideshare service are compact sedans, so a larger party could struggle to locate a driver with a big enough vehicle for your party and luggage.

What about Rental Cars?

Okay, so none of those options above sound altogether exciting, although they could get the job done. What about just renting a car from one of the many providers at the airport? Again, this is an option that can work, and for some families, it might even be the right pick. But there is the significant cost associated with renting a car that needs to be considered before you go this route.

When you rent a car, you have it around the clock for your entire trip – and that can get expensive. It’s particularly wasteful if you don’t plan on leaving the park property, so you won’t have much need for a car until you return to the airport to head home. Why keep paying for a car that is just going to be sitting in a parking lot while you are having fun at Disney? Even worse, you’ll likely need to pay for parking, so the costs will just keep rising with this option. Unless you plan on exploring a lot of other areas around Southern California during your visit, skip the rental car desk and get a car service instead.

The Right Answer

Don’t get hung up on the logistics of planning your vacation when such a trustworthy solution is just a call away. Use our car service from LAX to Disneyland to get across town and to the park without any hassles. We have been serving families for 20 years and would be happy to add your name to our long list of satisfied customers. Thank you for considering Anaheim Town Car Services!