Assuming you are using a highly professional and experienced limousine hire company, you can be sure that your chauffeur is a very skilled and knowledgeable individual.

Even so, there may be certain things they will encounter upon arrival to collect the client that will strike terror into their hearts!

Here are a few real life examples.

1. Pets

As a matter of hire company policy and indeed client courtesy, taking pets with you into a hired limousine should always be cleared in advance with your provider. That’s because some pets can be messy, destructive and occasionally extremely distracting for the chauffeur concerned.

Of course, that could never be your pet – could it?

2. Young children

Small clients are, of course, typically welcome providing they are accompanied by an adult. However, some children can occasionally be something of ‘a handful’ in behavior terms for their parents or the care provider traveling with them. That again can result in a few challenges for the chauffeur!

3. Outsize luggage

It’s sometimes quite amazing just what the client suspects or beliefs, with huge optimism, they will be able to fit into a limousine of a certain shape and size. No, it isn’t just in comedy films that people will try to get a full sized double bass or Welsh harp into a car!

Whilst chauffeurs normally pride themselves on their ability to think on their feet, sometimes it’s very clear at a glance that the item is never going to go into the vehicle.

4. Massive head counts

Many chauffeurs will have a story about how they were surprised to discover upon arrival that there were far too many people to accommodate in the vehicle that had been requested. If you have, say, a four seat vehicle then arriving to find no less than seven people hoping to somehow ‘get aboard’ can be a shock to the system.

It’s also impossible within the confines of the law and unnecessary, as some hire companies will also have people mover and coach transport available.

5. Vague destination directions

The first warning sign is usually when a person hiring the vehicle says something along the lines of “I can’t remember the exact address but I’ll know it once I see it”.

That’s not necessarily a problem until such time as, upon arrival in the general vicinity, the individual suffers a total memory failure and simply can’t find their way to their destination. Cue much time being consumed in aimless driving around and the stopping of passers-by asking, with incredible vagueness, for directions to “a pale colored office building on a corner” or something similar!

6. Visible panic at the Bride’s collection point

This can indicate a number of things including, most commonly, the fact that the Bride is running exceptionally late in getting ready for her departure.

Whatever the reason, the chances are the chauffeur is going to be doing an increasing amount of checking of his or her watch in the minutes ahead and fretting over whether or not they’re going to get to the wedding venue on time.

Of course, all of these things are slightly tongue in cheek but they can happen.

The solution is to make full use of the expertise available to you from your provider of limo hire services. They’re usually more than happy to offer friendly and useful advice and keen to help you to avoid some of the above problems.