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Since January 1, 2018, possession of marijuana is legal in the state of California. Thanks to Proposition 64, individuals 21 years of age or older can legally possess up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana for personal consumption. And now, Los Angeles International Airport, or, LAX is ok with marijuana. Yes LAX has recently announced that it will permit travelers to bring small amounts of legal marijuana through security in their carry-on bags.

But, before you start making room in your carry on for “medicine”, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Marijuana in Carry-Ons, What You Need To Know

  1. Even though pot is legal in California and several other states, it’s still illegal under federal law. And, that plane you’re waiting to board is subject to federal law. Which means, depending on your destination, you could still face a fine or detention for carrying it.
  2. TSA agents are federal employees and can refer you to local law enforcement if a federal law violation is discovered.

However, according to a recent statement posted on LAX’s official website, the Los Angeles Airport Police Department will abide by the Adult Use of Marijuana Act and allow passengers to travel through LAX carrying the legal amount. They do warn passengers to be aware, marijuana laws vary state by state and to check the laws of the states to which they plan to travel. For example, if you’re traveling from California to Colorado, you should be all right upon landing. But, a trip from California to Texas might not be a good idea.

So word to the wise, even though LAX is ok with marijuana, in order to avoid unnecessary delays or arrest, please do a little research before you plan your next trip.

Kudos to LAX for making efforts to work with passengers who rely on the proven medicinal effects of pot.

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The most important factor when choosing a car service to LAX or any airport for that matter is the number of passengers who will be traveling. Airport transfers can be uncomfortable if the vehicle is crammed with the maximum amount of people as well as their luggage.

  1. For three passengers or less a sedan would be a good choice. There are different types of sedans to choose from with the Lincoln Town Car being the most popular. If you want to ride in style you should ask for the Mercedes Benz… more style, but less room for luggage.
  2. Have a group of 5 passengers? Then, you might want to go with an SUV. Most Suburbans/Escalades hold 6 passengers with plenty of room for luggage. A group of 6 or more may require a 10 passenger stretch Lincoln or Mercedes Sprinter. Please keep in mind if a car is stretched, it is for passenger capacity, not luggage room.
  3. Any amount of people over 10 would probably require 2 SUV’s. This will ensure a comfortable ride and leave room for luggage as well. Tip: If some passengers are small children with no luggage, you may be able to add another person.
  4. If you have any special requests, car seats, elderly assistance, etc., be sure to let the reservation agent know when booking your reservation. That way, if any additional charges need to be made they can be discussed and added to the rate at that time.

Choose A Company That Best Fits Your Needs

No matter which company you choose, we highly recommend you make your airport transfer reservations a few days ahead of time to ensure availability. Keep in mind, traffic in and around LAX is usually heavy, so allow extra time to get to there. Rides can be booked as soon as the same day providing there is a car available and enough time to get there.

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