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SNA to Disneyland Car Service

Tipping a service provider like restaurant waiters, limo drivers, and security guards, a majority of these service industry folks receive the customary practice of getting extra money, especially when the customer is satisfied with receiving a courteous, helpful service. Even those who provide a bad service are sometimes or rarely given a tip to be consoled.

Regarding a Limo Driver, his focus is on tips, if working over than being of professional help. It is critical to understand how much you should tip a limo driver and how the industry works. Belonging to customer service department, a limo driver or a chauffeur, he drives a car for a living and much of his time is spent receiving or leaving customers to special events or meeting important deadlines, for going or coming from an airport limo service. Read More

LAX to Disneyland car service

Let’s face it. Most cities have a wide variety of limo companies that you can choose for your next big event. Many even have similar cars or packages. So what is one of the things that help a limo company stand apart? We’ll find out today. Welcome, all to our ongoing blog campaign regarding LAX to Disneyland car service. Read More