When you think about Disneyland, there are likely a few things to come to mind at all once. Perhaps it’s the thrilling rides, the memorable characters, the tasty food, or just the fun, inviting atmosphere of the park itself.

Whatever you love about Disneyland, there is one thing that most people don’t look forward to – the lines. Sure, it’s worth it to wait in the lines at Disneyland for the activities and experiences that you get to enjoy, but there is no debating the fact that you’ll spend some time waiting along the way. Knowing that some waiting is in store for you while in the park, it only makes sense to make the rest of your trip as efficient as possible. Saving time elsewhere will give you even more time at Disneyland, and that starts with picking out the perfect transportation option from the airport to the park.

It Can Be a Long Trip

Depending on which airport you are flying into for your trip to Disneyland, you might be facing a rather long journey from the airport to the entrance of the park. Some first-time visitors are surprised to find just how far it can be – and the trip can be made that much longer by the notoriously difficult Southern California traffic.

For example, imagine you are flying into Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX. If you are going to be traveling from LAX to Disneyland, that’s a journey of more than 34 miles. While it’s freeways for almost that entire distance, those freeways are frequently clogged during busy parts of the day. If you arrive late at night, the drive can be less than 45-minutes, but expect to spend as long as 90-minutes or more on the drive if you get into town in the afternoon.

There isn’t anything you can do about traffic, but you can use a Disneyland airport shuttle to make sure you depart the airport in a timely manner and start putting those miles behind you. Basically, you want to start the clock on your drive across Southern California as quickly as possible and using a shuttle that is going to be ready to go when you arrive is a great way to do just that. If, instead, you decide to hail a rideshare vehicle after you collect your bags, you could be waiting a while before you even get on the road.

Work with Experts in This Journey

An experienced Disneyland airport shuttle driver, like those who work at Anaheim Town Car Services is going to know the ins and outs of the trip better than anyone else. A rideshare driver might be familiar with the route – or it might be their first time taking a fare in that direction. You won’t have any way to know what you are getting until you step into the vehicle and take a seat.

On the other hand, you can be sure you are in good hands from the start by reserving a shuttle that is dedicated to making this trip day after day. If there are problems with traffic, or if something out of the ordinary is going on around the area, your driver will be able to adapt and still make sure you get to the park in a timely manner.

A Few Tips for Inside the Park

As we are a car service, most of this post has focused on what you stand to gain by using a reliable Disneyland airport shuttle to make the trip from the airport to the park. That’s important, but we’d also like to point out a few things that you can do when inside the park to save even more time and have a great experience. Here are some ideas –

  • Stay at a Disneyland Hotel. You may already be planning to stay at a Disneyland hotel, but if not, it’s a good idea to put this on your priority list. When you book with a Disneyland property and stay on-site, you will be granted an extra hour of time in the park that isn’t available to those who aren’t staying in one of the official hotels. This time might be some of the best time you spend in the park throughout your entire visit. As an added bonus, you’ll obviously spend less time traveling to and from the park, since you’ll be staying right there, so this one is a win in a couple of ways.
  • Take a break during the middle of the day. It might seem counterintuitive to suggest taking a break in an article that’s all about saving time, but this can be a good strategy to get the most out of your time at Disneyland. Here’s the thing – most people go from one thing to the next throughout their time at the park, and they are worn out by the middle of the afternoon. For that reason, the park tends to slow down a bit later in the day, and the lines may get shorter. If you have stopped during the day to rest up for a while, you can save some energy and then do some more fun activities throughout the park later in the day when the crowds are no longer at their peak. This plan might not work great for families with small children, but think about your group to see if you can pull this off effectively.

Whether you have been to Southern California many times, or this will be your first visit, you never want to take traffic for granted. The freeways, highways, and roads of this beautiful area are extremely busy, and having a transportation plan worked out in advance will take the stress out of your visit. The Disneyland airport shuttle offered by Anaheim Town Car Services makes it a breeze to get from the airport to the park and back again, so take a moment today to reserve your spot. Thank you for stopping by!

Most of the time, luxury experiences are expensive. That’s just the way the world works – if you want something high-end, fancy and luxurious, you are going to have to pay for it. Whether it’s an experience or an item, the good stuff tends to cost a lot of money.

And that’s true of using a car service when you travel… right? Not so fast. If you’d like to use a Disneyland airport car service to make your way to the park after you land, or to get back to the airport when you are leaving, be sure you check out the price of such a trip with Anaheim Town Car Services before you just assume it’s too expensive. You might find that this luxury treat is actually within your price range and a great way to travel.

An Elevated Experience

Using a Disneyland airport car service is simply a better way to make this leg of your journey. When you land in Southern California and collect your baggage at the airport, you’ll then need to find a way to get from the terminal to your lodging at the park. There are plenty of ways to make that trip, including using public transportation, renting a car, or hailing a rideshare. Those could all get the job done, but do they count as luxury? Hardly.

Reserving a ride with a car service is by far the most luxurious, enjoyable option of the lot. With a car service, you will have a private vehicle that will only be occupied by your party from start to finish. Not only that, but you’ll enjoy the services of a professional driver who does this kind of work day after day and will make sure you enjoy your trip and reach your destination safely.

Beyond the privacy and the work of our professional drivers, what else do you have to gain by opting for a Disneyland airport car service? Consider the following –

  • Save time. Some of the transportation options you could use to get from the airport to Disneyland can take quite a long time from start to finish. Public transportation can be notoriously slow depending on the time of day, and if you try to use a rideshare service, you’ll be at the mercy of how many drivers are available and how long it will take them to arrive. With a car service, we can track your flight, make sure we are waiting for you at the curb, and will be headed toward the park as soon as possible.
  • Enjoy some entertainment. Some of our vehicles play Disney movies on the journey, so you can start getting in the mood for this exciting experience right away. This luxury feature is particularly appreciated by the youngest travelers in your party.
  • Pick your vehicle. Since you’ll be making this reservation in advance, you can be sure to secure the perfect vehicle for the needs of your party and the things you have packed for the trip. You won’t have to worry about trying to get a rideshare at the last minute that can fit everyone – instead, you’ll know that the vehicle that arrives to serve you is going to be perfect for your requirements.

Do You Really Know How Much It Costs?

It would be a big mistake to just assume that you know how much a car service costs without actually finding out for yourself. There is a stigma associated with using car services – that they are only for wealthy people – that causes some to not even investigate any further. If you do take the time to get a quote for a trip that you are going to be taking, you might be surprised at how modest the final price tag is when considering the great service you get and the hassles that you avoid.

A Disneyland airport car service shouldn’t be seen as any kind of unnecessary luxury, but rather as a reasonable, practical way to get from an airport to the park. You have to make that trip one way or another, and the price of a car service is going to fall relatively in line with your other options, all things considered. You can’t know in advance how much you are going to pay for a rideshare service, since those prices aren’t set and they will fluctuate based on demand. If you happen to arrive at a busy time for the rideshare drivers, that trip could wind up being far more expensive than you had anticipated – and using a car service would start to look like a much better alternative.

Another Way to Enhance Your Trip on a Budget

Reserving a Disneyland airport car service is one of the best ways to add a touch of luxury to your travels without breaking the bank. There are, of course, other ways to do the same thing, although their costs will vary from one situation to the next.

As one option, look into booking your lodging along with your tickets to the park as part of one package. Depending on when you travel and what options are available, you may find that there are some great deals available that can save you some money while also treating you to on-site lodging for the duration of your stay. Not having to come and go from the park to an off-site hotel day after day will certainly make your trip feel more luxurious.

When traveling to Disneyland, you’ll be first and foremost focused on the park itself – and it’s certainly a thrilling attraction. With that said, all of the little details that make up your trip will determine how enjoyable the experience is for you and your family, and a good car service will take it to a higher level. Anaheim Town Car Services has years of experience serving customers just like you, so book a ride with us today and you won’t regret it.