Car service john wayne airport to Disneyland

When flying into Southern California to visit Disneyland, it’s hard to do better than John Wayne Airport. Only about 15 miles from the park, you can land at John Wayne and quickly be transported to the park to get the fun started right away. While there are plenty of different ways to make the journey from the airport to the park, a car service offers the ideal experience. Let’s take a closer look at why using a car service is the best way to go for your vacation.

Why a Car Service?

There are plenty of ways you could get from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland. It’s only a short trip to the north, after all, and you are right in the middle of one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country. To make the trip, you could opt for one of the many shuttles that run this route, or you could use a rideshare app to request a car.

With other options available, why would you book a car service instead? There are several advantages to using a car service to get from John Wayne to Disney, including the points below –

  • Predictable. When you book your car service in advance, you’ll know you have a ride and you won’t have to worry about how busy it is at the airport after you land. Simply collect your things, find your ride, and be on your way to the park. During busy times, you can wind up spending a lot of time at the airport waiting for transportation, and that’s a frustrating experience when you’d rather be at Disney!
  • Professional. You’ll be riding with an experienced professional when you book with a proven car service like Anaheim Town Car Services. That’s going to make for a more comfortable experience and you’ll feel like you are in good hands from start to finish.
  • Flexible. If you hop on a shuttle that is going to take you and many others to Disneyland, you won’t have any flexibility – you simply ride the shuttle route and get off at the end. With a car service, however, you can make a stop or two along the way to get whatever you need. For example, the route to Disney from John Wayne goes by countless shopping options, so you can make a stop to get some snacks or anything else you might need for a great stay at the park.

Trust an Experienced Leader

When planning a vacation, you want to take as many variables out of play as possible. Instead of running into unwanted surprises, it’s better to have a detailed plan that relies only on proven partners to get the job done. With Anaheim Town Car Services, that’s exactly what you’ll find – a proven partner that has been serving customers for over two decades. We will get you and your party safely from the airport to Disneyland and back again, so you can focus only on having the time of your life. Book your car today!

When planning a trip to Southern California, you might assume that you need to book a rental car along with lodging, entertainment, etc. But is that really necessary? Do you actually have to reserve a rental car to get around the Los Angeles area, or are there other options?

The simple answer is this – no, you don’t have to rent a car in Southern California. Sure, a rental car is one transportation option, but there are others. In this post, we’ll discuss how to decide what mode of transportation will suit your needs.

Think About Your Itinerary

It is your plans for the trip that are going to be the biggest factor when deciding whether or not to rent a car. To help you think about this concept, let’s imagine two example trips that families may take into the Southern California area.

  • The first family is going to fly into John Wayne Airport and spend the week at Disneyland. They will need a ride to Disneyland after they arrive, and a ride back to the airport when they leave, but nearly all the time in between will be spent at the park.
  • The second family is also flying into John Wayne Airport, but will be visiting a variety of destinations during their trip. They’ll go to Disneyland for a day, but also want to visit the beach, go south to the San Diego Zoo, and more.

In these scenarios, the choice is easy – a car service is perfect for the first family. By using a car service from SNA to Disneyland, they’ll know a reliable ride will be waiting for them when the plane lands. Then, a week later, that ride can pick them up at the park and return them to the airport. There is no need to spend the money on a rental car or pay for parking when a car service can do the job beautifully. While a car service could work for the second family, they might want to consider a rental car to keep up with such a busy itinerary.

A Blended Approach

If you decide to skip a rental car and use other transportation to get around the Los Angeles area, you might want to blend your car service bookings to create a plan that works best for your needs. For instance, you could reserve a car service for a point to point trip to pick you up at the airport and drop you back off when you leave. Also, you could book a car on an hourly basis for a night out on the town that will hit many different spots.

The Easy Choice

If you decide that a car service is your best bet for an upcoming trip, the next step is easy – contact Anaheim Town Car Services to reserve your ride. We offer fair rates, professional service, and we are happy to customize what we provide in order to better serve you. Thank you for visiting and please get in touch today if you have any questions or need to make a reservation.