Car service LAX to Disneyland

When you hire a company to perform a service for you, it’s only fair if you know exactly how much you are going to pay for that service. Nobody likes surprises when they come in the form of additional expenses, as it’s hard to plan for how much you are going to spend when the bill at the end is a bit of a mystery.

This is a problem in some parts of the transportation industry. Some companies will add a surcharge to your bill depending on how long it takes to complete the ride and drop you off. But those traffic conditions are not your fault! Why should you pay more just because the traffic got worse than you expected? We don’t think you should be stuck paying that bill, so flat rates are the way we like to do business.

What Are Flat Rates?

In the car service world, the term “flat rates” simply means that you pay a given price for the trip you book regardless of how long that trip takes to complete. This is the easiest, most predictable, and fairest way to pay for a car service. When a business like Anaheim Town Car Services uses flat rates, all customers know exactly how much they are going to pay for our services, with no surprises coming at the end of the ride. The only additional cost you can incur with us is a gratuity paid to the driver, which is always at your discretion.

Why Flat Rates Matter

Let’s look at an example to see how this plays out in the real world. Imagine you are flying into Southern California so you can take a family trip to Disneyland. Your flight is scheduled to land at LAX in the middle of the day, and you have booked a car service to pick you up at the airport and take you across town to Anaheim. This is a great plan and one that many visitors use as a convenient and enjoyable way to access the park.

However, as often happens, your flight winds up getting delayed, and you don’t land at LAX until closer to the evening hours. As a result, traffic to get across town is much slower than it would have been if your flight had gotten in on time. It’s now rush hour, and the trip over to Anaheim is simply going to take longer than it would have earlier in the day.

With flat rate pricing, you won’t have to worry about paying more for the car service because of the traffic conditions. You paid to get from LAX to Disneyland, and you’ll get exactly what you paid for, no matter how long it happens to take. The driver you work with from Anaheim Town Car Services will use navigation to find the best possible path to the park given the day’s traffic situation, and you’ll be enjoying Disneyland before you know it.

Many Other Car Service Benefits

The peace of mind that comes with flat rates is one good reason to book with Anaheim Town Car Services when you come to So. Cal., but it’s far from the only motivation.

  • Professional drivers will provide you with a great travel experience that you might not get with other transportation options
  • Clean, comfortable vehicles make your trips enjoyable
  • Traveling in a private car means you can spend time with family and friends in a quiet, relaxed setting
  • A good car service will be more flexible than other modes of transportation, allowing you to get picked up in a timely manner
  • With a car service booked in advance, you don’t have to worry about trying to secure a ride during particularly busy times when many other people are looking for transportation

Being predictable is a goal that we always have in mind at Anaheim Town Car Services. We don’t want you to be caught off guard by anything when working with us, so we provide flat rates and we always arrive in a timely manner at the location you expected. This reliability will give you peace of mind that working with us is going to be an enjoyable, relaxing process. Thank you for considering Anaheim Town Car Services and we hope you will book your ride today!

The Los Angeles International Airport – commonly referred to as LAX – is the largest airport in Southern California. While it’s not the closest commercial airport to Disneyland, it is one that countless visitors will use each year. Once you are safely on the ground at LAX, you’ll have a trip of more than 30 miles to take before you arrive at the park. How are you going to cover that distance? There are a few options, and we’ll look at them below.

Common Choices for Disneyland Visitors

When travelers land at LAX with the intention of getting across the city to reach Disneyland, there are a few commonly used transportation options that they typically have in mind.

  • Rideshare. These days, rideshare services are a popular option, and there are plenty of them available in Los Angeles at most times of the day. While this can work for your needs, you might have to wait quite a while to get a ride, and depending on demand, the cost can be significant.
  • Use the Metro system. The most affordable way to get to Disneyland from LAX is to use the Metro system to take buses and rail lines over to Anaheim. While this option will only come with a modest cost, it can take quite a long time to make the journey, and those from out of town may be a little bit confused as to how to use the system and which routes they need to take.
  • Shuttle services. There are also some shuttle options that will take you from the airport to Disney. On the positive side, you can book your shuttle ride before you get to L.A., so you won’t be left to scramble for a ride like with a rideshare service. However, you’ll often be traveling with others, and the cost could be significant.

What About Car Services?

The list above skips over the option to take a private car service directly to Disneyland from the airport, and that’s the option you should give careful consideration. With a cost that is surprisingly affordable given the level of service you receive, car services are an excellent option to get you and your family safely to the park after your flight has arrived. Also, you can customize the service to fit your needs, meaning you can add in stops along the way or manage other details to make sure everything is just right. Once you have tried a car service for your trip to Disneyland, you’ll never want to travel any other way.

Anaheim Town Car Services is the Right Choice

While there are plenty of options to get across Los Angeles and reach Disneyland for your vacation, none offer the list of benefits found with a car service. Book your ride with Anaheim Town Car Services today and we’ll be waiting for you at LAX when you arrive. In business since 2002, you can be sure we know this area intimately and we’ll get you anywhere you need to go. We hope to serve you soon!